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The Story of
Harry Richman

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JQmma herself, who, before her marriage, some
years previously, was a pretty girl of eighteen, a
maid in my father's house. Being of a generous and
affectionate nature, she had been no niggard with
her charms, and many a time as a boy of fourteen
she had let me creep into her bed, or she had come
to mine and had let me revel to my heart's content
in her glorious golden-haired cunt. She did not get
my maidenhead. That had been taken when I was
about ten by my young nurse, a pretty girl of seven-
teen, of whom I was very fond. She used to bathe
me, and I know now that she always paid special at-
tention to my little penis, always pulling back the
foreskin to wash the glans, and otherwise manipul-
ating it so that I always had an erection before she
was though. She used to laugh and joke about what
I called my "thing" and told me to call it my prick
or my penis. She also told me that when it swelled
up so big I "had a hard on." I soon grew to like hav-
ing her play with my penis, and when we were alone
together at other times that when I was taking my
bath, I used to ask her to give me "a hard on," and
she would take me on her lap, take out my little
penis and work it up until it stood very proud and
hard. But I didn't know anything to do with it after


it was in that condition, nor did it occur to me in-
vestigate or evn wonder about what Jennie had be-
tween her legs. Nevertheless, I was soon to find out.
One day we had been out for a walk in the woods
together. We had sat down on the grass. I lay with
my head in her lap, and she unbuttoned my little
trousers and began to play with my penis, and soon
had it standing very erect.

"Oh, Harry, dear boy," she said, "what a sweet
little prick you have , and to think that you have
never used it!"

"How do you mean 'never used it?' I use it to piss

"Yes, I know. But it has other uses. If I only
dared I would teach you what they are. If I only
knew you wouldn't tell."

"I wouldn't tell."

"Won't you, Harry? Well, then, if you will prom-
ise, come to my room tonight after I put you to bed,
and everyone thinks you are asleep, and gea into
bed with me, and I will teach you such nice things
to do with your darling prick."

That night when Jennie put me to bed she acted
very strangely, and did things she had never done
befor. She put my knees and slapped my bottom,


then kissed it, then, turning me over she kissed my
belly and even my little hard penis.I thought it all
very funny but also very nice, and I was fairly wild
to know what she would do with me when she got
me into her bed. After I was in bed, but the light
was burning. She threw back the bed-clothes and
made room for me besides her.

"Take off your night-shirt, Harry dear, and I will
take off mine. You have never seen me naked, but
you shall tonight. We must not have anything on
when we do what I am going to teach you. We are
going to do what people do when they are married,
and what they do when they love each othe as
we do."

Then she proceeded to tell me the difference be-
tween girls and boys. She showed me her cunt,
which surprised me very much, for I had never
imagined such a thing. She told me the name, which
she said was "cunt," or "quim," and that it was
"fucking," and that fucking made the babies.

"But, Harry dear," she cocluded, "you are not
old enough to make a baby. One has to be a man to
do that but you have a nice little penis, and quite
big enough to fuck with,, and you will find it very


She made me feel her cunt, interested me great-
ly. She separated the silkly curls about it and pulled
apart the pink lips, and made me shove in two of my
fingers. Then she lay back and drew me on top of
her. She spread her feet far apart and raised her
knees and I sank down between her thighs. Then
she arranged our parts and I felt my very stiff little
prick slipping in where my fingers had been, and
then the first thing I knew it was all sucked in, and
our bellies were pressed tightly together. She told
me to work my penis in and out, and as I did she
heaved and swayed and rocked me most delight-
fully. Soon she began to moan and tremble, and
then I felt her making me all wet. She closed her
eyes and seemed to swoon. I wondered if she had,
she lay so quiet, only where we were linked to-
gether her cunt was throbbing and sucking at my
little penis.

"Oh, Jennie!" I said. "It feels so good, so soft
and warm. But why did you piss on me?"

"I didn't piss, Harry love. That was spunk."

And then she proceeded to tell me how girls
made a certain kind of juice called "spunk," or
"sperm," or "spendings," and how the boy, when
he was old enough sent another kind of spunk


out of his cock, and these juices mixed together
made a baby inside the mother. Though the physi-
ology of this was a little confused, I accepted her
statement as fact, and she undoubtedly thought it
was herself. I don't suppose she knew the facts of
the impregnation of the ovaries by the sperma-
tozoa of the male herself.

I was still stiff, and began to work in and out of
the delightful sheath in which I was placed.

"I want to fuck you again," I said. "It is very

She made me all wet again several times, but
now I knew it wasn't piss. After then she lifted
me out of my warm retreat and we had a regular
romp together. She began slapping my little bot-
tom again. She kissed and rubbed me all over from
head to foot, and licked me with her tongue, and
this time she not only kissed my cock, but took
it in her mouth and sucked it, which felt just as
nice as having it in her cunt. Then she made me
suck her little tits, and then, putting my head be-
tween her thighs, held it there while I kissed her
beauiful cunt. It smelled so good and I enjoyed
sticking my tongue up it, but before she spent she
raised my head from it, for she didn't know how


I would like to have her spunk trickling into my
mouth. But she needn't have worried about that,
for we were together again the next night, and I
insised upon her spending her spunk in my mouth,
and I liked it.

After this we fucked pretty regularly, but she
was careful not to let me do too much and tire
myself out. She told me a lot of things. In fact, all
I knew about sexual matters for some time I got
from her. She told me about the boys she fucked
with when she was a little girl, and the things she
used to do with other little girls. She told me how
los of women liked to amuse themselves with little
girls, and how some men loved boys and sucked
cocks with them, and had them put their coks up
their bottoms.

"A boy could do that just as well with a girl,
couldn't he?" I asked.

"I never thought of that," she said, "but I sup-
pose he could.

"Oh! let me do it to you."

"I suppose it must be nice, or men wouldn't
want boys to do it to them. Yes, you may try it."

We did, and it was a complete success ,and we
added this act to our regular repertoire.


One night while I was in bed with Jennie, she
told me that she had been talking that day with
Dora, who was the nurse of my little friend and
neighbor, Elsie Lawton. She said that Dora told
her that she had taught Elsie to play with her cunt,
and that they rubbed each other with their fingers
and flatfucked (which Jennie explained to meant
rubbinf one cunt on the other), and that they
also sucked each other. She had told Elsie all about
boys and fucking, and the little girl was anxious
to try it. So one day they got Elsie's little brother
Danny, and tried to make him do it to her, but he
was only seven, and didn't understand what they
wanted, and when they tried to suff his pintle in
his sister's crack he said it hurt, and began to cry.
I will just say in passing that five years later when
Elsie was eighteen and Danny twelve, she got his
maidenhead, and since then the dear boy had taken
part in many a fine frolic with his sister and me.
But the first attempt was a failure, and Dora, who
knew that Jennie had taught me to fuck, suggested
to Elsie that I would duobtless be glad to relieve
her of her maidenhead. When Jennie suggsted this
to me delighted with the idea. So Jennie and Dora
arranged the matter between them. We had an


empty cottage on our estate, and the next day all
four of us met there.

Elsie was a little older than I, being nearly thir-
teen. She was very beautiful, with the most lovely
pink and white complexxion imaginable, with large
blue eyes which seemed almost black. Her hair hung
in curls, soft and silky, of a beautiful golden brown
with just a tint of copper.

Jennie and Dora insisted that we should all strip
naked, and with many pretty blushes Elsie allowed
herself to be disrobed by Dora. The rest of us man-
aged for ourselves..

I had never seen anything so beautiful as Elsie
appeared when she stood before us with her last
stitch gone, rosy in her embarrassment. Since then
I have had the good fortune to have many beautiful
little darlings in my arms, and topress their warm,
throbbing, fragant nakedness to my own, but I have
never seen a fairer, more perfectly formed little
elf than she. We stood staring at each other, neither
knowing ust what to do first. Dora and Jenie came
to the rescue. The former laid Elsie on her back on
a rug with some pillows under head. Jennie led me
to her, made me kneel between her beautiful round-
ed, tpering little legs, and then the two of them to-


gether fitted our pars and began to shove. After
much work I got a good portion of my cock in the
sweet little slit, and then stuck. But she began to
spen as I made desperate efforts to get in the rest
of the way, and the little passage, thus made pleas-
antry slippery, aided my efforts, and suddenly some-
thing seemed to give way and I sank in to the full
length of my not very formidable little tool. It was
a grand succecc. After Elsie and I hadfucked, Dora
insisted that I should fuck her, and I did.

This was only the first of many glorious times we
all had together. We had no break in our party of
four for two years, when Dora got married. The
next year Jennie followed suit, and about that time
Emma came to us as parlor maid, and she and I
were soon on the most intmate possible terms. I also
continued my relations with Elsie, and do yet, also
with Emma, whom, as I said in the beginning, has
been married for twelve years. Her marriage did not
put an end to our intercourse, for she was nice little
woman, and she had no secrets from us. Her hus-
band was rather lazy and shiftless, and not always
sober, but she stuck to him. She used to tell me that
she could forgive him anything, for he had such a
magnificent tool between his legs, and knew so well


how to use it. She used to give me frequent accounts
of their encounters in the field of Venus. But none
the less she did not object to a little outside fucking
when the opportunity was presened.

One day Emma said she had a good joke to tell
me. It seems that Fred, her husband, had come home
a little the worse for drink the night before. She was
in bed, and the two children. Dicky, aged eleven,
and Molly, aged ten, were sleeping together on a
mattress on the floor. Fred came in undrssed, and
jumped into bed. But let Emma tell the story for

"Well, Fred got his clothes off in a hurry and
jumped into bed quite naked. He pulled up my
night-dress, saying:

"Emma, old girl, turn up your cunt. I'm dying for
a fuck. Just see what a hard on I have on.

Of course I was as anxious for it as he was, so
I caught hold of his great prick and guided in to my
cunt. He gave a few heaves woth his bottom and
soon his balls were squeezed up against me, and the
head of his penis battering away at the mouth of my
womb. He squirted twice without uncunting, and
then I sucked him stiff again, and getting on top of
him shoved his prick up my belly and began to ride


him. All the time we kept talking smut to each other,
using all the bawdy words we could think of, such
as "fuck," spunk," bollocks," "arse." Finally, after
I had him spend the third time, he wanted to suck
my cunt. So I let him syend the third time, he want-
ed to suck my cunt. So I let him, and then we lay
and frigged each other, he tickling my clitoris and
running running his finger up my quim, while I play-
ed with his balls and rubbed his foreskin back and
forth till I made him throw off again. As for me,
I was spending a perfect stream, and making his
fingers all sticky. Neither of us thought anything
about Dicky and Molly, but evidently they were
wide awake, and had been many times before when
their father and I were at the rub-belly game. I
was out when the youngsters got home from school
the next day, but came in a little afterward. They
were in the bed room, and I heard them from the

"Don't wiggle so. I can't get my finger in."

"But you tickle said Molly. I can't keep still."

"Well, don't you like it? Doesn't it feel good?


"Well, then, keep still. Take hold of my prick.
Just see how stiff it is. We will frig each other like
Papa and Mamma do."


"I peeped in, and there those two youngsters
were sitting on the bed. Molly had her skirt up
and no drawers on, and Dicky had his pants down
about his heels, and there the little dears were
frigging each other for all they were worth and
looking as pleased as Punch. Then Dicky said:

"Molly old girl, turn up your cunt. I'm dying
for a fuck. Just see what a hardon I have on."
(The very words Fred had said to me the night